Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'll Give You Three Guesses

So, I'll give you three guesses whose hand x-ray this is.

Need a hint?  She loves her gymnastics class and just started practicing for the upcoming softball season.  (This actually happened during softball practice catching the ball.)

Still not sure?  She writes with this hand and now can't do anything now because her pinkie is broken.  (Hear that hint of whine?)

I know, this is a hard one.  One more clue.  She is dramatic and thinks it is exciting to have her first broken bone!

Wow!  If you guessed Lily - good job!  This was very exciting for her for the first couple of days, but I think the fun is wearing off.  She has realized that you can't take the cast off.  So, she has trouble tying her shoes, buttoning her pants, writing, showering, etc, etc, etc.  And she is only in a temporary cast!  We will go to the orthopedic hand specialist on Thursday to see what needs to be done.  What a way to start end the spring ball season.