Saturday, August 29, 2009

Serving God

Today was our Small Groups turn to work in the church's food pantry. The boys went with me and a few others to help out. I had never worked in there before and did not know what to expect. We were shown what we all needed to do and then we got to work. The boys flattened food boxes, carried them to the dumpster, taped up new boxes to hold the food, help stock shelves and babysat a 2 year old on the playground. Zac also helped load boxes (really heavy boxes!) into the families cars.

The regular pantry workers mentioned that they had not seen such young kids be so truly helpful. They really worked hard for 2 straight hours. And they did not complain. Not even once. What great kids!

They had fun. They served our community. They served God. And they want to do it again.

Now what I want to know, is how do I get them to be as excited about helping out at home???

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1st Day of School

Well, hello to both of my readers! I know, I know I have not posted in forever. But my summer job has kept me quite busy. Being the Entertainment Director for a zoo is quite challenging! The monkeys are always jumping on the furniture, the lions just want to lay around and the penguins just want to swim all summer long. By the time I got the bears fed, the stinky elephants bathed and the birds to quit chattering, I was exhausted!

But, school officially started Monday. Can I hear 3 cheers? Hip Hip Hooray!

It was a great first day for the kids. They all love their teachers and have some of their friends in their classes. Zac loves being the BMOC and Logan says "3rd grade is wonderful *sigh*". Lily is very excited to do big kids things like PE and music.

I promise that I will try to start posting again. Hopefully it will be easier with the kids in bed by 8:30pm. But now, I'm off to look over more school papers to sign. Don't you just love all that back to school paperwork? Filled out in triplicate? NOT.