Monday, April 12, 2010

Waiting...still waiting

Waiting. It seems like I am always waiting.

Waiting for the baby to get here.
Waiting for the baby to get out of diapers.
Waiting on the kids to get ready for school.
Waiting for the bell to ring so I can see their sweet faces again.
Waiting in the line at Walmart. (Always the slowest line!)
Waiting for it to get warm/cold.
Waiting for my flowers to grow.
Waiting to exercise. I'm too busy you know!
Waiting until a better time.
Waiting until I have more time.
Waiting on someone else to take care of it. Whatever "it" is.
Waiting on my hair to grow.
Waiting until my next appointment so I can cut it shorter.
Waiting on the computer for my taxes to e-file. Yes, I did them 2 months ago, but never hit the "file" button. Why???

AAAARGH!!! I have decided that I am not good at waiting.

But there is something that I will patiently and gladly wait kids to grow up. Yes, mom. You were right. The days when my children are young are the best days ever! I wouldn't change anything. I won't wish this time away. I will patiently hug, kiss, cuddle, tickle, giggle, and love my kids until there is no more waiting. Praise God for getting to wait in this life with my children.

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